Sherry Handel, Author & Editor
Blue Jean: What Young Women are Thinking, Saying, and Doing




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Synopsis: Blue Jean is a captivating and empowering collection of the "best of Blue Jean Magazine" fiction, reporting, essays and opinion pieces written and edited by young women. Blue Jean offers readers fresh and uplifting insights on topics ranging from body image and confidence, environmental and social issues, ethnicity and racism, to the pitfalls and triumphs of everyday living. Blue Jean: What Young Women are Thinking, Saying, and Doing is widely featured in "Good Books for Teen Girl" listings.

Review: In a world full of beauty magazines and other superficial publications Blue Jean: What Young Women are Thinking, Saying, and Doing is refreshing. Blue Jean allows teenage girls to read about significant issues, not just what shade is in for the season. This anthology influences readers to get out and actually do something. Blue Jean goes beyond simply telling, it encourages activism - not just dreaming - doing.

Between the pages that bring down feminist stereotypes and help for the mind and soul lay the true feelings and emotions of all girls. Though targeted to 11-19 year-old girls, Blue Jean defies age barriers. This collection evokes dreams, hopes, and stories. Rather then put pressure on young women, Blue Jean uplifts and helps girls shape themselves into independent, self-sufficient women. This book does not make young women feel as though clothes, makeup, and hot-dates define who they are, rather it coaxes their inner spirit and drive to challenge and overcome setbacks.

ISBN: 0-9706609-1-X, trade paperback, $14.95 retail, 256 pgs., 8 chapter illustrations, Ages 11-19 LCCN: 2001129011

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Socially Active Women of All Ages Will Find Inspiration in This Collection"
-Publishers Weekly

"Today�s Young Woman Isn�t Just Eye Candy. She�s Smart and Thoughtful"
-Cedar Rapids Gazette

"A Great Guide for Those Interested in Women�s Issues"
-School Library Journal

"You�ll Meet Dozens of Girls Who�ve Got Big Things To Say. In a Series of Essays, Interviews and Articles, They Tackle Issues Like Feminism, Body Image, Eating Disorders, Sexual Harassment and Racism. These Girls Write About Tough Issues, But They Aren�t Afraid to Have a Little Fun as Well. You�ll get the Scoop on Publishing Your Own �Zine and Read a Piece on Student Filmmakers.�
-Knight Ridder/Tribune

"An Inspirational and Captivating Novel That Any Teenage Girl Can Relate to. A Must Read for Teenage Girls!"
-The Magazine Not for Adults

"�Absolutely Fabulous! Any Girl of Any Age, Race, and Background Can Learn, Grow and Discover Parts of Herself That She Never Knew She Had."
-Teen Voices

"Blue Jean is a Collection of Articles and Essays from Girls Who Know Exactly What You�re Going Through, and it Covers Everything From Racism and Sexual Harrasment to Body Image and Feminism. Don�t Miss This Awesome Girl-Powered Book!"

"Teenage Girls Who Value Community Service, Self-Improvement, and Accepting Oneself Over Makeup, Boyfriends, and Weekend Parties Will Read This Book."
-Voice of Youth Advocates

"An Entertaining and Wholesome Read"
-Dr. Laura Schlessinger

"An Empowering Collection of Articles and Stories"


"Blue Jean: What Young Women are Thinking, Saying and Doing ...reveals the originality possible when media is created by its own demographic. No mainstream teen magazine can compare in authenticity and honesty to Blue Jean because Blue Jean is the only publication teenage girls control and write for themselves. It reads like a breath of fresh air."
-Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press

"Handel has her pulse on the teen girl market because she wants to be one with it."
-Fred Ciporen, Publisher, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, & School Library Journal

"Sherry is a passionate advocate for young women and believes that girls and young women should be empowered to create their own media. Sherry�s ventures have always included a Teen Editorial Board and Correspondents. The new book reflects the universal experiences of young women, as well as what�s on their minds and in their hearts."
-American Association of University Women

"Handel is committed to making young women�s voices heard. Both the book and the companion web site offer a place for girls to express themselves, to listen to one another, and to build their writing and editing skills."
-The Feminist Majority Foundation

"Blue Jean�s teen editors and correspondents consistently publish what girls really care about - the world around them! It�s wonderful for girls of ALL AGES."
-Ms. Foundation for Women

"Blue Jean is a refreshing, exciting alternative to the typical sex-obsessed magazines targeting trivia to teens and girls in their early twenties. That Sherry Handel has compiled the �best of Blue Jean Magazine� is great news to all young women looking for an entertaining and wholesome read. Finally - a publication that recognizes young women care about topics beyond dating, dieting and fashion
-Dr. Laura Schlessinger

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